Disclaimer: Данная публикация находится в стадии сбора фактологического материала. Будем признательны за получение любой информации касающейся данной темы.

• Human-powered (Running, swimming,....)
• Human-assisted (Cycling, rowing, canoeing,Auto racing ...)
• Animal (Equestrianism, Greyhound racing, Pigeon sport, Rabbit Show Jumping...)

• Combat (Wrestling, Judo, karate, boxing, fencing, tae kwon do...)
• Court (Tennis, shuttlecock sport, badminton, volleyball, squash, Table tennis...)
• Team (Baseball, cricket and football (soccer) are the most popular globally, with baseball being popular in the Americas and in Japan, cricket in the Commonwealth of Nations and football being popular throughout the world. Other examples include: Rugby, ice hockey, field hockey, softball, basketball, American Football...)

• Target (Archery, shooting ...)
• Display (Gymnastics, bodybuilding, equestrianism, diving...)
• Strength (Weight-lifting, triple jump, shot put ...)

Sports that fall into multiple categories
• Biathlon
• Curling
• Paintball