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Кто хлопнул

String figure (надо бы вспомнить как это называлось у нас? резиночки?)
A string figure is a pattern formed by weaving string around one's fingers by manipulating the digits in certain ways, or sometimes between the fingers of multiple people. Some string figures even involve the usage of the mouth, wrist, and feet! String figures may be created and altered as a game or as part of a story. Various figures that can be made in sequence include a cup, then a glasses and a fish. Another series is mountains, river, fish, fisher, big fish, king and bones of the fish.





A clapping game is type of usually cooperative (ie non-competitive) game which is generally played by two players and involves clapping.
The template of a standard clapping game is for the participants to strike each other's hand(s), as well as perform other actitivies such as thigh slapping, in a rhythmic fashion while reciting a rhyme. The clapping pattern is often improvised. The rhyme is very similar to a jump-rope rhyme.