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dating simulation for the Nintendo DS


Виртуальный стриптиз



Orgasm Girl is a classic among flash sex games and one of the most popular.


Промо-игра для http://www.cool-condoms.com/ - нехитрая графическая головоломка

самая скандальная мини игра спрятанная в GTA

Barton Waterduck discovered a few sections of unused code in the PS2 version of San An for the girlfriend "missions". With a bit of memory hacking and such, he discovered these removed portions of mission scripting were to not only put the camera inside the girlfriends' house when you stop in for "coffee", but also to make a little mini-game of it. Now, with the magic of user-editable files on the PC, PatrickW was able to unlock the uncensored "coffee" segments for all to play with. Here's a few screens, but be warned, they might be a bit on the NSFW side...

видео из мини-игры hotcoffee (8,2 мегабайта)


Вся правда о женском организме. Lapis учит техникам и приемам для достижения сексуального удоволтеворения.

The hope is that the game would entertain females - without them ever needing to understand the sex metaphor. But at some point when they did start figuring out the connection to their own sexuality and pleasure, they would have learned some ideas and techniques behind sexual satisfaction.

Players manipulate the creature (bunny) on the touchscreen, which gives them magical energy to fly
You can touch the bunny in different ways – stroking, scratching, tickling, etc
Also can use the microphone to talk, sing to, blow on the fur…
The bunnies are analogous to female anatomy… not literal looking, but evocative



SomaDoll.com is the broadband Cyberbabe Site which offers fully interactive virtual sex flash games

Многопользовательский симулятор свиданий находящийся в разработке...



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