What was the mystery behind the death of fictional British pop star Jamie Kane? The BBC took a stroll on the alternative-reality gaming side in 2004. Game now over.

An alternative-reality game where players take on the persona of long-dead wild west characters. The game's many facets include rounds of Graveyard Poker, live events held in cemeteries across the US where tombstones represent playing cards.


Alter Ego http://www.theblackforge.net/

One of the original alternative-reality games, created in the early '80s. You have seven life-stages and answer multiple-choice questions through a lifetime. Critics called it a virtual, never-ending Reagan era.

If you find yourself wearing clothes from a new company called Edoc Laundry, beware: Strangers may walk up to you on the street to examine the intricacies of your shirt's patterns. That's because Edoc Laundry's first line, expected to launch March 1, literally weaves an episodic, multimedia game into the fabric of the garments. The Seattle-based company is believed to be the first to attempt such a fashion feat.


An alternate reality game (ARG) is a cross media game that deliberately blurs the line between in-game experiences and the real world. While these games may primarily be centered around online resources, events which happen as part of the game may be communicated to the players in a number of forms.