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игра протест против корпорации MacDonald's


"Disaffected!" gives players the chance to step into the shoes of "demotivated" FedEx Kinkos employees, a blurb about the game on Persuasive Game's Web site said. "Feel the indifference of these purple-shirted malcontents firsthand, and consider the possible reasons behind their malaise--is it mere incompetence? Managerial affliction? Unseen but serious labor issues?


- Насилие в играх и его влияние на насилие в обществе. История в США, школе Колумбайна. История в России с кольцом и Final Fantasy. Истории с корейскими игровыми бандами, которые вымещают злобу друг на друге в реальном мире после игровых баталий.

Игра - памятный мемориал посвященная атаке терристов в Мадриде

Симулятор размышляющий о борьбе с терроризмом

Simulation meets political cartoons.

We are a team of independent game developers who believe video games are not simply an amusement.

Games and simulations can also make us think about what is going on in this world.

Periodically, we will use games and simulations to analyze, debate, comment and editorialize major international news.

Come and join us.

Play with fire.



On the eve of the 41st anniversary of John F Kennedy's murder, a dramatic new 'docu-game' is set to bring his tragic assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald to life for a whole new generation. JFKReloaded.com recreates the last few moments of the President's life and challenges participants to help disprove any conspiracy theory by recreating the three shots that Lee Harvey Oswald made from the infamous sixth floor of the Dallas book depository. The 'docu-game' accurately recreates the surroundings and events of 22nd November 1963 in downtown Dallas, using information from the Warren Commission report, and has taken a ten-man team seven months to research and six months to program. Painstakingly detailed, the reconstruction enables players to examine the challenges that faced Oswald".

Scottish company Traffic has created an interactive docu-game that can be downloaded from the net. For only $9.99 (approx ?6), "players are invited to participate in a global recreation of the assassination in order to disprove the conspiracy theorists once and for all." Traffic has offered an incentive of up to $100,000 for the first person to most accurately recreate the three shots made by Lee Harvey Oswald.