Sims - в тяжелых условиях

Еще один эксперимент теперь вместо мучений Симсов склоняют к принятию участия в Оргии...

The orgy idea grew from a post someone made to, noting that although Sims get jealous if their spouses or lovers hug, flirt with, dance with, or even compliment another Sim, they don't get jealous if the spouse or lover plays in bed with another Sim. The post mentioned the nonjealous Sim just standing around by the love bed. I thought it might be fun to put a love bed in the middle of a dance floor at a party so the other party-goers would be dancing and talking while the love bed action was taking place. That led to the idea of an orgy, with as many lovers as possible making use of the love bed.

The first try at an orgy took place at the mansion on Lot 2, where an independently wealthy family of nudists live. Using Paladin's Sim Wardrobe program, I changed all the adults in the neighborhood into lingerie, drag, and other outfits suitable for an orgy (except, of course, the nudists, who remained nude). Verylisa will recognize a lot of the lingerie skins she made for Boutika (and now found at her own site, Very Sim), though I renamed some of them to fit other body types. I finally got Bob Newbie out of his ratty T-shirt and into that leopard print lounge suit--no renaming needed for that one, it was one of the few outfits I found for fat males.