Художества игроков навеянные их игровым опытом могут быть настоящими произведениями исскуства...

Ниже представлены работы по миру WorldOfWarcraft

April 10, 2006 - On March 14th, we issued a challenge to all of the aspiring artists reading IGN: create a piece of art inspired by the 8-bit era of videogaming, and you'll have a shot at getting your creation shown at the 2006 I AM 8-BIT exhibition, starting April 18th in Los Angles.

Last year's I AM 8-BIT exhibition, co-curated by Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight during the E3 Expo (and beyond) showcased some of the coolest videogame-related art ever committed to canvas and clay. The artwork displayed at last year's show has been compiled into a book titled I AM 8-BIT: Art Inspired by Classic Videogames of the 80's, written by Jon M. Gibson.