Что могуть делать моддеры:
- менять антураж игры
- разрабатывать новые карты
- менять цели и даже жанры игры


Самый первый редактор уровней появился в игре Lode Runner


Самый известный мод - Counter-Strike (CS) is the common name given to a series of team-based tactical shooter games which originate with Counter-Strike, a total conversion mod of Valve Software's first-person shooter Half-Life. The series also includes Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Source.

Наиболее распространнеными движками для моддеров являются UT2004 , HalfLife и другие

Editor / Construction Set: Denotes the addition of an editor bundled with the game so as to facilitate tweaking game variables, drawing new playfields/maps, drawing new graphics, etc. Built-in editors greatly extend the life of games because they extend playability infinitely. Games that are exclusively built around this concept are called "Construction Set" games; ie. "Pinball Construction Set" or "Adventure Construction Set". Part of the Other Attributes category.

HL2World Knowledge Base


В погоне за эстетикой (Quake)

For this project, I set out to implement a few non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) techniques in a real-time rendering framework: a game engine.


Мистическая атфосфера и борьба с лабиринтом


База данных модов http://www.moddb.com/

Интересные факты о модах

Eerie occurrences in a hugely popular computer game have been traced to rogue computer code accidentally spread between players like an infectious illness.

Last week comic-book giant Marvel Entertainment sued the companies behind massively multiplayer online game City of Heroes, raising the hackles of a lot of ordinary folks.

Marvel's lawsuit, filed Nov. 10 in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, accuses NCsoft and Cryptic Studios of designing their game -- in which nearly 200,000 people play superheroes in a world where "comic books come alive" -- in such a way as to knowingly allow players to fashion their characters to look like and be named after famous Marvel icons like The Hulk, Captain America and Spider-Man.


Данный прецендент может повлиять на развитие движения моддеров в целом. Но вообще все это странно - нельзя же судить производителя фотоаппаратов, за то что его оборудованием скажем производилась незаконная съемка... Да и никто не будет преследовать детей нарисоваших Шрека в своем альбоме...

June 6, 2003 ? Epic Games and Digital Extremes, co-creators of the award-winning Unreal® game franchise, along with NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), Atari, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATAR), AMD, and Alias|Wavefront today announced the kickoff of the “$1,000,000 NVIDIA Make Something Unreal” contest. The contest, backed by a grand prize worth US $400,000 and one of the largest overall contest prize purses in the video game industry, rewards and publicly recognizes talented individuals from around the world who can create the ultimate game and entertainment mods (a new game or add-on created with tools from the original title) based on the best-selling Unreal Tournament 2003 and upcoming Unreal Tournament 2004.

Entries can be made in 13 categories, including “Best Mod,” “Best Character,” “Best Use of 3D Sound,” “Best Real-Time Non-Interactive Movie (also known as Machinima),” and more. Contestants can find contest information and qualifications, including a full list of categories, and sign-up for the contest today at http://www.makesomethingunreal.com.

As some of you already know we stopped active development on the Eden Eclipse computer game project earlier this year. The free mod is finished and can be downloaded from various sources on the Internet (see mirror list below).
You might ask if the full Eden Eclipse game will ever be developed? We can't tell for sure, but the whole design documentation was revamped in 2005 to build a solid base for a full commercial title.
The team split up, most of the members are participating in other projects or working as freelancers in the industry.
Several members joined the team behind navy seals - covert operations to work on a brand new game project.


Занимательный по концепции мод HalfLife2 - команды охотятся за инопланетным зверьком...

Q: What's Off Limits all about?
A: Off Limits will be a teambased multiplayer Half-LifeІ modification. The gameplay will revolve around two teams attempting to take out a small, agressive, playercontrolled alien. The vanguard team will start the round with the only gun that can harm the alien, the rogues team will see the alien's position on their radar. The team that kills the alien, wins the round.


UT 2004: Deathball 2.0
DeathBall is a top class First Person Sport Game that combines elements of Football, Rugby and Handball. It's a mod for UT2004, but it has nothing to do with a shooter (a pure sports game).

по этому моду проводяться соревнования, которые проходят в рамках нового вида спорта FPS - Sport

на сайте существует набор игр напоминающих футбол, регби и т.д. иногда в роли игроков выступают транспортные средства

еще один вариант



Velvet-Strike is a collection of spray paints to use as graffiti on the walls, ceiling, and floor of the popular network shooter terrorism game "Counter-Strike". Velvet-Strike was conceptualized during the beginning of Bush’s "War on Terrorism." We invite others to submit their own "spray-paints" relating to this theme.

Узнаете героиню HalfLife2


Мод jbmod использует возможности гравитационной пушки


Один из игроков становиться призрачным мутаном еле различимым другими, но у него есть только нож. Тот кого он убивает становиться новым мутантом - новой жертвой и в то же время хищником.
Вот такие вот салочки.


Warcraft III - вместо типичной RTS - становиться юмористическим квестом

Joe's Quest
Описание: Джо - обычный пьяница, а Тимми - его сын. Эта кампания рассказывает об их приключениях, встрече с моржом и о многом другом. В кампании очень много искрометного юмора, так что играть в нее будет сплошным удовольствием.


подборка эротических скинов http://www.adultgamereviews.com/nudepatches.shtml