Для многих игр музыка - важнейший способ передать и усилить атмосферу игры...
В зависимости от жанра игры идет подбор исполнителей... от hard rock (гонки) до rap (бокс).
Для популярных музыкантов это и возможность подзаработать и лишний раз засветиться... такие игровые гиганты как EA - не размениваются на второй эшелон...

Примерная структура

- для чего звуки и музыка в играх (атмосфера, обратная связь и т.д.)
- первые звуки в компьютерных играх (ограничения и хитрости)
- первая музыка http://www.freenetpages.co.uk/hp/tcworh/index.htm
- постепенная революция технологий и музыкальных возможностей
- всякие оригинальные звуковые навороты в играх (+ ссылки на звуковые игры - отдельная тема типа )
- концерты и диски игровой музыки (с хит-парадом хитов)
- источники для скачивания и ноты
- знаменитые коллективы музыкальные играют для игр (http://www.ludology.ru/item/203/catid/20 - это отдельная тема, которую надо раскрыть в отдельно статье)

+ выложить для скачивания примеры звуковые...

GTA: San Andreas has posted details on the game's soundtrack:

In-game radio stations have become one of the signature aspects of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, delivering a realistic radio experience by allowing players to tune the radio station in the huge selection of vehicles in the game to any station they like, complete with hours of satirical commercials and DJ banter that cleverly parodies a wide mix of radio formats. The radio stations in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will feature the most staggering selection of music ever assembled for a video game with over one-hundred and fifty tracks from artists including James Brown, Willie Nelson, 2 Pac, and Rage Against the Machine plus many, many more that encompass a great deal of the radio spectrum of the early 90’s The double CD also includes as a bonus track an exclusive cover of the Nine Inch Nails early 90s industrial staple “Head Like A Hole” by Northern Californian punk band AFI, who formed in 1991. The track has been recorded by AFI specifically for the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack album and as a tribute to this unique era in music.
The complete track listing for the double CD is as follows:

CD 1
1. The Theme From San Andreas
2. Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name
3. 2 Pac - I Don't Give A Fuck
4. James Brown - The Payback
5. Ronnie Hudson - West Coast Poplock
6. Guy - Groove Me
7. Eddie Money - Two Tickets To Paradise
8. Cypress Hill - How I Could Just Kill A Man
9. The Maytals - Pressure Drop
10. Slick Rick - Children's Story
11. Rick James - Cold Blooded
12. Raze - Break 4 Love
CD 2
1. Ohio Players - Funky Worm
2. Heart - Barracuda
3. Compton's Most Wanted - Hood Took Me Under
4. Lyn Collins - Think About It
5. Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause
6. Faith No More - Midlife Crisis
7. Bell Biv Devoe - Poison
8. Max Romeo & The Upsetters - Chase The Devil
9. Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul
10. Willie Nelson - Crazy

Bonus Track:

11. AFI - Head Like A Hole

The Need for Speed Underground 2 in-game soundtrack also features an exclusive track from Capone, as well as new music from Chingy, Mudvayne, Terror Squad, Xzibit and Queens of the Stone Age. Rounding out the line-up are new tunes from Felix da Housecat, Helmet, Killing Joke, Sly Boogy, Snapcase, The Bronx, Unwritten Law and more (check the complete tracklisting below).

Need For Speed Underground 2 In-Game Soundtrack Track Listing
FREELAND - "Mind Killer (Jagz Kooner Remix)"
Capone - "I Need Speed"
Chingy - "I Do"
Christopher Lawrence - "Rush Hour"
Cirrus - "Back on a Mission"
Felix Da Housecat - "Rocket Ride (Soulwax Remix)"
Fluke - "Switch/Twitch"
Helmet - "Crashing Foreign Cars"
Killradio - "Scavenger"
Killing Joke - "The Death & Resurrection Show"
Ministry - "No W"
Mudvayne - "Determined"
Paul Van Dyk - "Nothing But You (Cirrus Remix)"
Queens of the Stone Age - "In My Head"
Rise Against - "Give it All"
Septembre - "I am Weightless"
Skindred - "Nobody"
Sly Boogy - "That'z My Name"
Sin - "Hard EBM"
Snapcase - "Skeptic"
Snoop Dogg feat. the Doors - "Riders On The Storm (Fredwreck Remix)"
Sonic Animation - "E-Ville"
Spiderbait - "Black Betty"
Terror Squad - "Lean Back"
The Bronx - "Notice of Eviction"
Unwritten Law - "The Celebration Song"
Xzibit - "LAX"

"EA SPORTS Fight Night is a spectacularly brutal game with bone-crunching gameplay and photo-realistic visuals. We wanted to make sure that the soundtrack is as powerful as the boxer's punches," said Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Music Marketing at EA. "Each song gets your heart pounding and makes you want to move faster, dig deeper and punch harder."