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один из самых первых и громких прокетов в своем роде - промоушен фильма AI
сделанный компанией специализирующейся на подобных вещах

The Beast was a campaign built for Warner Brothers to promote Steven Spielberg’s film, AI: Artificial Intelligence. Developed by Jordan Weisman and his team while at Microsoft, The Beast was a sub-dermal narrative that drew consumers into the world of AI, and made them active participants in the story before the film’s release.

Discovering a fictitious credit on the film’s marketing one-sheet, the audience soon found themselves immersed in a murder mystery. Involving thousands of webpages, as well as phone lines, fax machines, email accounts, and live events, the campaign immersed players in the world of AI and created frenzied anticipation for the opening of the film.

Over three million people actively participated in The Beast, playing in dozens of countries around the globe. Web communities with hundreds of thousands of members were self-built to play, discuss, and solve The Beast. The campaign generated over 300 million impressions for the film through mainstream press such as Time, CNN, and USA Today, as well as niche outlets such as Wired, Slashdot, and Ain’t it Cool News.




Nokia 20Lives, surround sound advergame
Following the success of Nokia Game, on September 19th Nokia will introduce a new interactive adventure, Nokia 20Lives (the site doesn't work yet), combining the online and mobile experience in a unique challenge. Nokia 20Lives uses video and animated images on the Internet, as well as SMS, email and voice messages to share information with the players. During the game players have a chance to win a mobile phone or compete for the grand prizes, such as helicopter ride, spa weekend or trip to a Formula 1 weekend in Monaco, related to the lives of the 20 characters. To take part in Nokia 20Lives, participants need to have access to the Internet, an e-mail address, and a mobile phone with the capacity to receive short messages. Nokia 20Lives is open to all mobile phone users over the age of 16 in the 21 participating countries, and there is no participation fee.

Registration for Nokia 20Lives opens on August 29, 2005 at www.nokia.com/20Lives/, and players can register during the game until October 11. Nokia 20Lives will kick off on September 19 and it will be played until October 13, covering 21 European countries in 11 languages.

Интерактивный микс для мафии
Сериал «Сопрано» рекламирует новый сезон, показывая на карте города (через гугл мапс) основные точки событий – в каждой видео, фактологию. Агентство Deep Focus. Покупают в поисковиках слова Sopranos Map. Плюс реклама на лайфстайловых блогах, игра “Whack a Soprano.” Логотип клуба босса мафии из сериала будут размещать возле ночных клубов, а также в рекламе на сайте плейбоя и в Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Решения не от хорошей жизни – в эфире не дают места для анонсов.

Avatara, from a Canadian team called 536, is a documentary about an online community - "a global subculture who spend their lives immersed in an online 3-D voice-chat program", as the blurb explains. What makes this particular documentary special is that "every second... was recorded in-world (ie. online, within the virtual environment), so we don't meet the people directly. Instead, their voices speak to us through the puppet-like 'avatars': rabbits, pharaos, seahorses, giraffes, the grim reaper, flowers, guitars, trolls (etc) which they've chosen to represent themselves in cyberspace." Because of this immersive approach the documentary is more than just a factual report about these people and their private activities: it gives us a sense of what their world feels like from the inside.


http://www.ilovebees.com/ - якобы взломанный пчеловодческий сайт (интернет-головоломка)
сделан для продвижения игры Halo

презентация на тему

попытку сделать такое предприняли A-Media для сериала "Не Родись Красивой" - корпоративный сайт фирмы ZimaLetto в котрой работают герои сериала...