let you play Monopoly in the real London with 18 real cabs fitted with GPS systems as your movers.

We pitted your cabbie against 5 others for 24 hours, and you could make millions by buying properties and placing apartments and hotels. There were some amazing prizes up for grabs, including your mortgage or rent paid for a year.

The Monopoly Live promotion has now ended. Thank you for playing, we really hope you enjoyed it!

It was a fantastic ride for all of us here at Hasbro. We had over 190,000 players in the game from 218 countries who made a grand total of ?258,263,423,760,000 (that's over 258 trillion pounds!) Some of you played the game with an almost fanatical dedication, especially smid29 who made a grand total of ?40,445,620,000.

The hunt for Mr. X:?Bringing a board game to the street

4 groups with 4 players hunt Mr. X and Mr. Y in the old city of Berne.
Hunting by MMS: Every ten minutes, Mr. X sends a picture of his current location.
The detectives have to identify the position by the pictures and find Mr. X.
They catch Mr. X by taking a picture of him.

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