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Crossmedia games - принято считать игры которые комбинируют виртуальную реальность с реальностью... то что получается либо демонстрируется уже на мониторе либо наоборот проецируетя в реальный мир...

Epidemic Menace is a pervasive crossmedia game. Crossmedia games focus on a wide variety of gaming devices including traditional media channels, game consoles as well as mobile and pervasive computing technology to allow for a broad variety of game experiences. The overall goal of the game is to prevent the virus from escaping the campus, to clear the campus from the virus instances, create an antivirus to save Prof. Ivy Miller and to find out what happened on the campus. The winner is the team that that leads the high score list. The game consists of two competing teams and each team holds a minimum of 5 players. Each team receives at the beginning of the game:
5 smart phones (one for each player)
1 Palmpilot
1 AR system
5 special online accounts (one for each player)
Players can change devices or play modes anytime and can play on their own if they wish but have clear advantages through collaboration.

Game Space
The game is played in a physical and a virtual game space and teams have to play in both spaces in order to extinguish the virus. The virtual game space will be a model of the physical game space and game appearance and game mechanics will be adapted in the physical and the virtual game space. For example, the virus appears differently in both spaces.

In the physical world the virus may appear as:
Spatialized sound
2D Map based display of viruses in proximity
Overlaid 3D graphics on AR devices
And in the virtual world the virus may appear as:
Animated 2D and 3D graphics


Самой известной серией игр стал Еyetoy для Ps2


Malleable Mobile Music takes social dynamic and mobility as inputs to a streaming music re-mix engine. The work extends on simple peer-to-peer file sharing systems towards ad-hoc mobility and social computing. It extends music listening from a passive act to a proactive, participative activity. The system consists of a network based interactive music engine and a mobile rendering player. It serves as a platform for experiments on studying the sense of agency in collaborative creative process, and requirements for fostering musical satisfaction in remote collaboration. Urban mobility of communities of users create a "social re-mix."


Outdoor Mixed Reality Game

What sets NetAttack apart
NetAttack prototypes a radically different approach to computer-based gaming. The game is set in a real physical environment where the players can move around freely. They wear light personal displays that let them see their real environment plus computer-generated pictures of virtual 3D objects that augment the real setting. Together, the real environment (including other players) and the virtual objects are the game world.

The main advantage is a highly complex game world with elements that can transcend the limits of physics. Players will be fully immersed in this game world very rapidly. They are no longer fixated to their monitors; largely natural interaction with a large natural environment is an essential part of the game.



В каждой из команд игроки делятся на две части — внутренних (домашних) и наружных (полевых).

Первые сидят перед обычными компьютерами или ноутбуками, вторые бегают по лесу.

Полевые игроки снабжены шлемами с полупрозрачными дисплеями, которые накладывают виртуальные предметы на реальное поле зрения игрока.

Тут же есть и видеокамера, и наушники. А также датчик направления взгляда.

Ещё у внешних игроков есть рюкзаки за плечами, содержащие спутниковую навигационную систему GPS, скоростную компьютерную линию связи и различные датчики.

Центральный компьютер разбрасывает по реальному лесу кучу виртуальных штуковин, например, фантастическое оружие, а также, что важнее, части кода, необходимого для взлома системы. Прочее по вкусу.

Еще одна железка, способная проицировать виртуальные объекты и среальными


D'FUSION is a real time visual software which makes possible to create Augmented Reality Applications with standard PC receiving one or several video inputs, with high performance and high quality images.

works with HD
works with one PC or several PC's on an ethernet network
handles in real-time videos taken froms cameras standing still or moving/instrumented cameras
handles in real-time animated virtual 3D objects either static or dynamic
uses a brand new technology : Markerless Tracking


и еще одна

The Designers Augmented Reality Toolkit is a set of software tools that support rapid design and implementation of augmented reality experiences and applications. DART is designed to facilitate the complete design and development process, from initial concept through experience and content testing to final product delivery. DART empasizes rapid, informal content creation and early experience testing, promoting iterative design early in the creation process. DART is built on top of Macromedia Director, bringing AR authoring to a wide range of designers.


a research blog about network-enabled performance

a_rage is an acronym for : Augmented Reality Active Game Engine

Now you can play video games outdoors - using a_rage's unique Head Mounted Visor.

a_rage's breakthrough technology makes it possible for game players to see video game objects, integrated with their real world. It truly puts you 'inside the game' like never before.



Human Packman

New Media means much more than the convergence of telecommunications, traditional media, and computing. Using Marshall McLuhan's definition of media as an "extension of man", new media includes all the various forms in which we as humans can extend our senses and brains into the world.

The Mixed Reality Lab, is aiming to push the boundaries of research into interactive new media technologies through the combination of technology, art, and creativity. We have produced large scale technological deliverables for DSTA and the Singapore military in interactive human computer systems.


Check out cool new Kick Ass Kung-Fu T-shirts and knickers!
Kick Ass Kung-Fu is an immersive game installation that transforms computer gaming into a visual, physical performance like dance or sports. You can fight and defy gravity like kung-fu movie actors - only there's no wires or post-production needed, thanks to the real-time embodied interaction and virtual set technology.

Control the game with your own movements - actually, it's your own figure in the play!
Total freedom to move, jump and kick - no wires needed!
Perform film style gigantic leaps - you are not constrained by real world physics!
Computer vision technology analyzes the power of impacts and damage. The technology works with any number of simultaneous players and with weapons such as swords and nunchakus.
Use your voice and special poses for devastating chi-energy attacks.



Flying Spy Potatoes : Mission 21 st Street, NYC was part of the “Flying Spy Potatoes” consists of an installation with three video projections on three slanted screens which are positioned on the floor of the gallery. Along with the projections there is also on display an inflated weather helium balloon (5 feet diameter); attached to wireless cam apparatus which is available to the public to take from the gallery ; a mission map; a log out book and 40 folders which are displayed on a table. Each folder contains a mission card, a copy of the rules of the game and a contract that should be signed between the player and the artist.

Neon Racer

Neon Racer is a multi-user Augmented Reality (AR) racing game adapting the simple and powerful gameplay of racing games to an AR tabletop setting. The game combines an intuitive and tangible interface with quality content.
In this demo we explore how a rich gaming experience can be created by using only a limited amount of virtual information. The game compacts the use of virtual elements to a minimum, displaying only the players’ racing vehicles and lap checkpoints. The active setting for the game is provided by the physical world, and all its parts can influence gameplay. Physical objects act as collision obstacles and influence the course of the race itself. Participants have to interact with both the virtual and real objects to succeed.


Vis-a-Vis Games takes ordinary electronic gaming off your old fashioned video game console and desktop PC and moves it out into the real world. This is the future of electronic gaming - pervasive, ubiquitous, in-the-world experiences. Imagine the heart-pumping action of your favorite FPS - in the real world! Or an old favorite playground game like Dodgeball, networked with other players both nearby and far away, where you actually have to move to dodge the ball! Or a role-playing game where you have to travel across town or across the country!) to pursue your characters goals!

Electronic gaming that's keeps you inside, on your sofa is a thing of the past. Vis-a-Vis Games is helping define what the future of electronic gaming will be.

We're developing a new kind of game experience using outdoor viewable mobile devices that anticipate the near-future of pervasive electronic gaming. These devices range in size from about that of a tiny laptop, to the size of a small book. We then configure these portable mobile devices with a GPS sensor that measure your location in the real world, and orientation sensors that can tell precisely where you're looking. This combination makes for designs that represent a true innovation in game play.


Squidball is a large-scale, real-time interactive video game that uses motion capture technology to create a unique and energetic gaming experience. In the world’s largest calibrated motion capture volume, the game debuted on August 12th, 2004, with an audience of 4,000 people, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, as pre-show entertainment for the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater. SIGGRAPH is the Association of Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group in Graphics.

Squidball is played with several (12 at SIGGRAPH) large (approx. 4ft in diameter), helium-filled weather balloons in retroreflective jackets – these are the input devices for the game. By throwing, batting and bouncing the balloons throughout the playing field (which, in this case, was approximately 400x200x40 cubic ft), the audience plays to eliminate the on-screen targets, which are represented on a giant 40-foot video screen that also displays scoring and timers. As a result of this unusual motion capture application, the audience sees the balloons move across the two-dimensional video projection screen as they simultaneously interact with them in the 3-D space. Winning the game inspires and requires collective cooperation among the entire audience.


Отечественная разработка, насколько мне известно замороженная

Также на конференции демонстрировался проект «Полет Фантазии» (Fly Fantasy), который впоследствии получил награду за самую нестандартную идею и самый нестандартный дизайн. Идея игры заключается в умении человека летать в шкуре дракона. Игрок стоит перед видеокамерой установленной над монитором и машет руками. Синхронно с его взмахами дракон на экране повторяет движения крыльями и соответственно летит. Со стороны картина выглядит как сеанс Кашпировского или утренняя зарядка.

С помощью видеокамеры изображение человека оцифровывается и обрабатывается специальной программой, а затем программа-детектор движения синхронизирует движения человека и компьютерного персонажа. Это новая технология, пока еще не получившая широкого распространения, но имеющая очень большой потенциал.

Еще издревле люди стремились в небеса. Нам часто снились сны, где мы, не обремененные техникой, могли взмахнуть руками и взлететь ввысь словно птицы. Теперь, когда появилась возможность использовать технологию motion detection, мы дарим вам уникальный шанс, не отходя от экрана окунуться в сказочную вселенную Flight of Fancy, позабыв о джойстиках, клавиатурах, и прочих манипуляторах.
Особенности игры:
Захватывающие приключения в удивительно сказочной вселенной
Оригинальный способ управления и восхитительные ощущения от игры
Главный герой: могущественное крылатое создание Дракон
Завораживающие красоты трехмерного мира благодаря Dagor Engine
Интересный, нелинейный сюжет поражающий своим разнообразием
Множество персонажей: рыцари, волшебники, пегасы и многие другие
Уникальная возможность почувствовать себя в шкуре Дракона!
Волшебный мир, дарующий игроку множество магических заклинаний
Полная поддержка всех существующих web-камер
Интуитивно понятный игровой процесс и управление
Без возрастных ограничений: от 3-х до 100 лет
Прекрасная сказочная музыка и восхитительные звуковые эффекты!