Our murder mystery dinner train in Blissfield, Michigan is a 2 ? to 3 hour fine dining and entertaining experience aboard a moving train. The train departs from Blissfield every Saturday and selected Fridays and Sundays. As the train makes a leisurely 12 mile round trip through the countryside you are served a wonderful five course meal all the while being entertained by our troupe of actors and actresses performing a comical interactive murder mystery. The actors actually ask a passenger to “volunteer” at the beginning of the trip to be their victim. The show is more of a comedy versus a drama and the best way to describe the experience is that it is much like being in the front row at a comedy club, where you are likely to be involved in the show. The show is rated PG-13 and would be considered adult oriented humor.

All tables seat four guests and are elegantly appointed with white linens, crystal and china. We may combine couples into a table of 4, in traditional railroad dining car practice.

The price is $69.95 per person. This price includes the train, murder mystery, dinner and taxes. There is a cash bar available onboard the train. Price does not include gratuities and cash bar.

A satirical performance of wedding, in which the audience members are the wedding
and reception guests.

Planning a party? How To Host A Murder is the best-selling murder mystery game designed to keep party-goers guessing for hours. In each self-contained episode, the layers of a complex murder are peeled away as the participants assume the roles of the suspects. Clues guide them toward sniffing out the culprit in their midst. No one, not even the host of the party, knows who that is until the end of the game!

Each game includes:

An audio CD revealing details of the murder
A host guide with instructions
A sheet of secret clues
8 guest invitations and envelopes
8 name tags
8 player booklets containing secret information
A diagram of the crime scene
Optional dinner and costume suggestions for the truly adventurous