"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
- George Bernard Shaw -

Самовыражение в сети или с помощью других технологий

The Lunatics is presented using an exciting, new form of participatory theater, which blends the role of audience and participant. While wearing masks, you are transported onto the screen and into the story where you see, hear and physically engage with the tale’s themes. Your movements trigger animations empowering you to affect the world on the screen.


This research process explores the encounter between the performer and the virtual body in cyberspace: stage merges with screen, cyberformance happens and our concepts of theatre are turned inside out. We will journey through chat-rooms and email lists to discover a theatrical (r)evolution of language, meaning, performance and technology.


Cyberformance and theatre collide in this theatrical presentation of the results of a six-month long research experiment.

The internet is more than a communications tool, it's a creative medium. Visual artists claimed the net as a canvas long ago - but what about performers? Isn't the online environment also a stage? And is there any place for the internet in the theatre?

To consider these and other questions, an international email group and a dedicated team of cyberformers have been discussing, experimenting and rehearsing at the edges of our understanding of theatre. Language, movement, casting, the role of the audience and technical challenges are some of the issues being explored. How is technology changing our definition of theatre? What place does cyberformance have within theatre?

Here's the answer to one question: cyberformance is live performance in graphical chat rooms. As for the others - all will be revealed at The ABC Experiment, 3pm, 16-17 February, BATS Theatre, Wellington NZ - in a theatrical presentation followed by a facilitated discussion.

In the original spirit of the internet, this event is FREE - but the venue is small, so please book to ensure your seat. Use the BATS phone, 802-4175. For more information, visit http://www.abcexperiment.org.


Three Venues, Four Performances

Nine people in three different cities perform together in one single production. An empty shop in Birmingham, a disused church in Colchester, a former courtroom in London merge to become a fourth imaginary space. Three audiences, one in each city, witness the performance simultaneously.

Live from Paradise is a global internet project that breaks new ground in live performance. The show takes place in three different locations which are linked by video streaming to create a simultaneous combined performance, telling a story that uses cinematic language to create a fourth imaginary space. In each place the audience witnesses a live performance and a large-screen video projections from the other two venues. The resulting single narrative is like a report transmitted from somewhere metaphysical – live from paradise. SATURDAY 21 MAY to SATURDAY 4 JUNE [no performance on 23 May] at 7:30pm

Station House Opera’s Live from Paradise is a co-production with De Daders, Amsterdam and premiered in October 2004 performed simultaneously in three apartments across the city. In 2006, Live from Paradise will be presented in three cities in Europe and finally at three locations on three different continents.


Digital theater is the addition of actors and 0 and 1 bits, moving in the net. Actors in digital theater may interact from different times and places… The actions of two actors in two different times and places coincide in the network of infinite times and virtual spaces. On the 21st century, genetist conception of theater (from the generation to the birth of the scene) will be replaced by an organization of interactive and intercultural activities