Компания Fantasy Flight Games купила лицензию на великий WOW и попыталась максимально полно воссоздать его в настольном варианте... боюсь только, изучив правила игра получилась перегруженной и не сильно играбельной... но фанаты наверное скушают все

Virus Card Game: Play it and get infected!

You don't have a card game with you right now or you are just looking for some online distraction? Or: You are just curious about how these beasts look like that keep on paralyzing your computer? Then is the right place for you to be. Just one more click - and you are about to get infected. Play with and against viruses, worms and Trojan horses.

Sonic the Hedgehog (1992)

Обратная ситуация - компьютерная игра по мотивам очень популярной настольной...

True diplomacy has been a missing ingredient in all strategy games up until now. True diplomacy must include the ability to communicate and agree on anything that makes sense in the game world. It must allow you to form agreements and to break them. Other games typically lock alliances or other treaties for certain time periods and apply special penalties for breaking them. In a game with true diplomacy you don't need such artificial constructs. Instead you let the player decide who to trust and make building that trust part of the play, not part of the rules. Far too often, not only in our games, diplomacy is formalized into a very small set of options for the player and the motives or relations between nations are abstracted into simple numbers. Typically you have only been able to achieve true diplomacy in multiplayer, where free-form chatting between human players allows you to do perfectly normal things like coordinate attacks or spread rumors about your enemies. In Diplomacy all these options will be available, between humans and computer opponents alike."

Из еще примечательных кейсов можно отметить, что Sid Meier сделал великую цивилизацию под влиянием вот этой настолки (выпущенной в 1981 году)

а потом и сам издал настольный вариант (его недавно даже локализовали на русский).

Говорят, что Settlers так же были навеяны игрой Settlers of Catan

Недавно была сделана компьютерная версия настольного хита Carcassonne