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Рай для ретро-геймеров целый район в Токио (Акихабара)

Рекреация warcraft на flash

Need For Eat is the best remake of this popular old game Snake.

Excellent 16-bit graphics with funny sounds and music will bring you a lot of pleasure. You really have to watch this unique game with your own eyes!

Levels are much more interesting than in original Python! Lots of obstacles, teleporter-pipes, eating bonuses and stuff will make your opponents harder to defeat and strengthen your need for eat.

But the most remarkable part of the game is multiplayer! This mode will give you absolutely different impressions and lot of positive emotions.


name that game - нужно вспоминать какие игровые звуки какой игре соответствуют


Nether Earth
The player controls a flying machine which can fly over any part of the play-area. The player must build robots and give them orders to attack Insignian robots and capture neutral or enemy factories to increase production and thus aid the war effort. The ultimate objective is to capture all the enemy bases and thus win the war. Everything takes place in real-time with the action being ongoing rather than turn-based. Because the player's view of the battlefield is limited to where their flying-machine is, much of the front-line fighting is left to the machines whilst the player concentrates on building more robots.

Nether Earth was the very first real time strategy game. It worked on a SPECTRUM machine, and only needed 48KB of RAM to work!! It has all the tipical elements of strategy games: resources, factories, combat units, etc.

Для воссоздания игры можно использовать и движки новых игр... по сути это будет мод
в данном примере поклонники воссоздают Ultima 5 на движке Dungeon Siege